Whether you are just sizing up a system, have bought already and have a query, or whether you are installing and you find yourself flummoxed, you will likely find that someone else has already been there! Check here for answers to your commonly asked questions.

Q. What support do you provide to people installing systems?

A. The easiest way to contact our tech support is via our free phone number: 0800 0209218. We also provide support by email. You can also visit our office in London (see contact details).

Q. What type of cable do I need for my system?

A. We sell three types of system: 2-wire, 4-wire, and CAT5/CAT6. The cable you will need is:

2-wire systems - Normally, the best cable is twisted pair, unshielded, with stranded cores. Minimum 0.5mm core diameter, maximum 2mm core. Alternatively, you can use power flex multi-core, speaker cable or CAT5/CAT6. These systems requires no data cable as all the data is sent via the power cable.

CAT5 systems - CAT5E or CAT6 cable.

4-wire systems - Shielded 4 core alarm cable. You can also use 6 core or 8 core alarm cable or CAT5/CAT6. These systems will also require two core power flex rated to at least 3A for the power. For runs of over 30m between the Doorbell camera and master monitor, the 4-wire cable will need to be supplemented with thin Co-axial (RG-59) cable.

NB Do not use phone cable instead of 4 core alarm cable. While suitable for the old audio only systems, this has insufficient carrying capacity for Video door entry systems.

Q. Can I open a lock using the door entry system?

A. All the door entry systems are capable of opening 12 volt electric, magnetic and electro-magnetic locks. That includes motorized gate systems as well. Some systems can open up to three locks independently, so check each product for this feature.

Q. I have my own power supply transformer. I want to save money by not using your power supply. Can I do that?

A. No. Your warranty depends on using only power supplies provided by us. The monitors and video doorbell are both highly sensitive to excessive power input, and will quickly fail if over-powered.

Q. Can I combine some components from Intelligent Home, and components from another manufacturer?

A. No. All of the systems are designed to work only with the components from their own manufacturer. They are called proprietary systems.

Q. I can't see your trade prices- where are they?

A. We don't have trade prices as we mainly sell directly to the public. We do have a loyalty scheme for regular purchasers.

Q. Can I connect CCTV cameras to my system?

A. Yes. We have special interface devices for connecting CCTV cameras. Also, some monitors can be directly connected to a CCTV camera.

Q. Do your systems integrate with CCTV surveillance systems?

A. Generally, our systems do not integrate with CCTV systems as such. However, your CCTV cameras can be connected to BOTH the video doorbell system AND a CCTV system. We also sell purpose designed combined CCTV and Door Entry systems

Q. How do I choose between Flush Mount and Surface Mount?

A. A doorbell camera designed for flush mounting is mounted into a hole in the wall. Once it is fixed in, it will be 'flush' with the rest of the wall (or very nearly so). A doorbell camera designed for surface mounting will be attached straight on to the wall surface by a mounting bracket. That means no hole will need to be cut in the wall.

Q. Do all your monitors have image recording of visitors?

A. No. Make sure to choose the image recording version of the monitor if you require this function. Some monitors have an SD card slot so pictures/videos can be downloaded from the monitor.

Q. Do your systems have intercom function between rooms?

A. None of the CAT5 Genway systems have the intercom function. The other systems do have intercom between rooms. Please note, this is audio intercom, not video intercom.

Q. Why don't you sell Wireless systems?

A. We do not sell Wireless door entry systems because they are not dependable like the wired systems. When we find a dependable wireless system we will sell it.

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